How to Prove Disability If You Have a Mental Condition

It can be difficult securing employment if you have a mental condition. In fact, statistics indicate that people with mental illness and disability have less than 25% chance of being employed. If you cannot get contracted as a result of emotional, psychological, cognitive and anxiety related impairments, proving a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim…

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4 Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle riders love the thrill of riding a bike even though they know that riding one carries with it increased risk for personal injury. Motorcycle accidents are common and often end up with the rider or passenger sustaining really serious injuries, which sometimes prove to be fatal. No matter how serious the injuries are,…

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Doctor Prescribed the Wrong Medication: Can I Sue?

Medications are meant to treat the ailment that you’re suffering from and make you feel better. But, what happens when a doctor gives you a prescription, and you end up feeling worse than when visited the hospital? Can you sue the doctor for negligence? To put it plainly, you can sue a physician for malpractice…

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5 Reasons to Sue a Restaurant

You walk into a restaurant, order your favorite meal and to your delight, the food is prepared just the way you like it. As you enjoy the meal, you’re oblivious that the food you’re eating can bring you untold suffering and pain. While there is nothing wrong in savoring a meal at a restaurant of…

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